Why I love Google…

I’m a hardcore Google fanatic, not even slightly deterred by the rejection I once received when I applied and interviewed for a job with them (pre-IPO… still kicking myself for that one!)

Google really makes my life a ton easier. I use Google documents to collaborate, Gmail to sort through my FIVE different email accounts spread out across yahoo, private companies, and more, I’ve been using their calendar feature as a backup since my laptop has died (a close 2nd to Outlook’s calendar feature). I use Google Web Albums to easily upload photos from Picasa (switched to Web Albums from Flickr even). The only switch I haven’t made yet was from wordpress to blogger, since I can’t export a blogger blog.

I mentioned before that my laptop has died, and as I’m in the market, I’ve begun to consider a MAC (and Linux as well). The recent launch of the iPhone has given me a serious bout of gadget envy, adding another reason to seriously consider the MAC. Now, MAC fans will stand up and scream here, but through my evalutations, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not a viable option at this point since I work in environments that are exclusive to Windows. We have one person on staff with a MAC that has nothing but issues integrating, and I just don’t have time for those headaches. Same goes for Linux, I’m running too many software packages that are exclusive to Windows, and while I’m sure I can get them working, the hours it may take to trouble shoot initially just aren’t worth it for me.

But, all that being said, I’ve just heard a rumor that Google is coming out with the GPhone. HOLD EVERYTHING! SOLD! SIGHT UNSEEN!!! WHERE DO I SIGN UP? That makes one less reason to buy an iPhone and switch my loyalty to Apple.

I know my blog is little, but Google, send me a sample! I promise I won’t through it into a Blender…

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