Flickr vs. Picasa Web Albums

While I’m sitting here in the coffee shop waiting for an associate to show up, I’m wasting coffee shop bandwidth on uploading some photos.   And I had a sudden urge to share an utterly useless piece of opinion with you.

I used to have a Flickr account.  In fact I still do.  Man is it the coolest.  You can do so many great stuff with flickr, from tags to searching to geospacial plotting to groups to ordering fun items.  But I use Picasa (yet another reason I’m voting Google For President) to organize my  photos.  And in order for me to use Flickr to post, I have to export an album in Picasa to a new folder, then upload that folder – causing much clutter and confusion on my hard drive.

Then I discovered Picasa’s Web Albums.  Definately not as cool as Flickr, much less stuff to play with, but as my day gets more and more clogged with reading blogs, RRS feeds, emails, newspapers, Wired Magazine, work (right, can’t forget about work), keeping up with friends, etc, I definately don’t have time to take advantage of all the cool features Flickr features (alliteration at it’s finest).   Picasa is quicker and easier to use.  Case closed.

So this leads me to my next thought.  I think the need for both the ridiculously complex, the moderate, and the ridiculously easy is tangible.  For those that photography is their life, the need for Flickr is real.  MORE FEATURES!  For those of us that just really want to post a few photos for family members to see (and oh by the way can download full resolution images of those they like), and want to spend no time doing it, Picasa is great.

So Flickr – keep up the good work.
Picasa, you too.  Keep it up.

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