Managing my health, online

Gotta love Google (will you guys just hire me already?).

GoogleHealth has been throwing out teasers for a while.  Their service would allow an individual to manage or see their own health records all in one spot, online.  The trick will be getting the doctors and hospitals to make that data accessible, and as long as Google can put all their efforts into security (so my private health data remains private), I’m in.  I have no idea when my last tetnaus shot was, and can’t remember what I’ve done when.

If they do it correctly, Google can knock this one out of the park.

One thought on “Managing my health, online

  1. I applaud Goggle 4 trying this (and read several postigns on their trials with Eastern hospital etc.)
    However HUGE privacy issues with this.

    Did I say HUGE…
    BUT someone has got 2 start the ball rolling on this so good 4 them. Some other countries (UK etc.) a little more advanced as regards ‘user’ takeup
    time will tell



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