This isn’t girl scout camp anymore

Firstly, apologies for not writing in a while.  I’m transitioning roles right now and have had my hands full.  So, my thoughts haven’t been on blogging.  I’ll write more on that in a later blog.

But I do want to share with you a swimming experience.  So, I finally broke down and paid for a gym membership, mostly b/c I was sick of the East Bldr Rec Center’s FILTH.  The 6 year old boys running around the women’s locker room were a little much for me too.

Anyway, so I’m a newly minted member of the Flatiron’s Athletic Club.  This is the fittest gym I’ve ever belonged to.  I’m in decent shape (not for swimming) and I’m EASILY the most out of shape person there.  For me, it’s motivating to see all these hard core athletes.

Anyway, I decided to swim with their master’s swim class on Friday, which is the first time I’ve swam with a group since, oh, HIGH SCHOOL.  A little nervous, I approach the swim coach Wolfgang and ask him to be kind given I’m just figuring all this out again.  His response, in a german accent… “This isn’t Girl Scout Camp!  You’ll swim when I say, how I say!”

Okay, now I’m sufficiently scared sh#@!less.  But as I get in the pool, in the slowest lane possible, my confidence builds because I’m actually FASTER than the other girl in the lane with me.  Sweet!  I’m not the slowest person in the whole pool!

Well, my ego was burst about 45 minutes later when I realized she had been PULLING the whole time.  (you know, buoy between the legs so all you can use are your arms, no kicking).

DAMN.  I am the slowest person in the whole pool.


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