I just spent 1 hr playing Oregon Trail – and I died

Remember playing Oregon Trail when you were in middle school on those archaic Apple computers with the 5″ floppy disks?  Our history class would go into the computer lab and we’d get to play the game, I thought it was the greatest thing in the whole world.  The characters were always pixelated and you could buy oxen and bullets with the $800 you’re alloted.  Ahh, I think that was my first video game.

Well today, a tweep (twitter peep, or friend) broadcast the URL that lets you play Oregon Trail online in all it’s blazing glory.  I spent nearly an hour playing the game.  Somewhere just after Chimney Rock, the girl in my wagon names “Nicole” got Cholera.  The next day, she died.  I’m not quite sure what to make of this.  Did I kill myself?

The crap thing is that I don’t know how the story ends.  An hour into the game, I get a warning that pops up on the screen that says To continue on your journey to Oregon, please flip the diskette to side 2.  Press space bar to continue. Well, WAIT!  I don’t have the disk!  No amount of space bar pressing will work!  I’m not going to make it to Oregon!  DAMMIT!  I think I’ll just fly.  Forget this wagon bull.

If you figure out how to flip the diskette, let me know, I really want to finish my game!

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