Boulder is the Best

I’ve lived in Boulder now for nearly 10 years but prior to that, I moved here from Florida.  Ahhh Florida – this brings me to the topic of my post.  There recently was an article about how Florida was the Next Hotbed of Venture Capital.  Other than the appropriate descriptive “hot” in the title, the author couldn’t be more wrong.

Never in Boulder will you find your VC in a jacket and tie.  Well, ski jacket, maybe, but that’s only because he’s invited you up to Vail to ski for the afternoon.

In Boulder, the VC’s get their pick of the smartest people in the country.  Really – Boulder has the most advanced degrees per capita.  Florida has what, the most mosquitoes?

In Boulder, you get to bike to your presentation with your VC, and get brownie points for doing so.  In Florida, you’d get hit by that drifting Cadillac and be so thoroughly drenched in sweat by the time you got 5 feet from your house… oh wait, both of those things happen even if you drive.

In Boulder, the VC’s love the community because entrepreneurs often help entrepreneurs.  The succesful ones are frequently heavily involved in the community.  They sit on advisory boards, serve as mentors, take almost any meeting – and really serve as a support group for the next generation of entrepreneurs.  In Florida you’ll have to take your business advice from Mickey Mouse.

There are so many other reasons Boulder is a great town.  We have the best weather on the planet.  You can climb, bike, and ski all in one day if you felt so inclined.  The music here is fabulous.  Our winters are mild, our springs are glorious, our falls are beautiful, and winter is often the best season.  There is an energy here that Florida just doesn’t have.  People are actually nice to each other.   Just come to Boulder for a day and talk to anyone on the street, they’ll tell you how much they love it here.  Talk to anyone on the street in Florida and they’re usually running for the air conditioning.

I lived in Florida a majority of my life, and it has its pluses.  I’ve also stayed extensively in many places people consider paradise – Hawaii, Greece, Thailand, Fiji – and Boulder is still better.

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