Fashion Fridays continue – cocktail style

#FashionFridays cocktail dress

Today’s #FashionFridays outfit is a cocktail dress. (Like I said, I’m going to wear EVERYTHING in my closet except my wedding dress!). You should have seen me leaving the gym today, people were giving me the funniest looks! “Hey Nicole, why the HELL are you wearing evening attire at 9am?” In Boulder, if you’re a lady in heels, you’re probably a tourist. Me, I just look like a lunatic. Happy to make a fool of myself for your amusement!

Anyway, what do you think? Keep it? Or sell it on (feel free to vote on everything, shoes, dress, necklace).

6 thoughts on “Fashion Fridays continue – cocktail style

  1. N, I totally dig your will to go all the way in support of your TechStars teams and ideas you believe in…from the tiniest detail to the most interesting major strategy shift.

    Speaking of shifts, on to this dress. Well, having seen your amazing elan in wrangling a group of 35 pre-soused entrepreneurs into a raucous but productive 10pm meeting over tequila, I think this dress feels too meh to me. Too low-profile-leaning-against-the-back-wall-and-listening-patiently to me…for the half-baked story I have about you and your style. I say Closet Groupie for this one. I like the shoes and necklace.


  2. OK, I'll kick it off. I say it's an awesome cocktail dress that totally flatters your figure. That said, I consider this a 'specialty item' in my closet and there are very few left in mine. My vote on whether it stays or goes would depend on the other confections you have left and how many you actually plan to wear!


  3. I like this dress. If I were you, I'd keep it. It'd be great during Christmas and New Years. Or if you're tired of it, you can sell it to me via ClosetGroupie 🙂


  4. It's definitely a head turner. It's the first cocktail dress I've seen someone wearing in Boulder and you definitely rocked it. I've seen plenty of cocktails here, just no cocktail dresses. 🙂 It makes me wonder if you keep it, will you ever wear it? I don't see that getting much use in Boulder, or for tech events in SF or NYC for that matter. This also has a little more detail than your average LBD so I don't think this outfit can be recycled many times. This is the kind of dress that belongs on ClosetGroupie. Sell.


    • Definitely keeping it! Too many people liked it, and strangely, its really comfortable. 🙂 So sorry ClosetGroupie, you'll miss out on this one.


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