An offer and an ask

Hey all, this is a somewhat irreverent post on my end!

I’ve been supporting early-stage startups for close to 2 decades with strategy, fundraising, co-founder, execution, leadership, problem-solving, decisions, and much more. I’m a 3x entrepreneur and helped grow Techstars from 10 companies in the portfolio to over 3K when I left. I’ve seen more failures than I care to count, and a handful of spectacular successes, and I’m left wondering how to more systematically reduce the failure rate, increase the success rate, speed up time to profitability, lower the capital required to get there, all while keeping founders (and employees) sane and sustainable.

So, in an effort to do some discovery, I’d love to trade 30 minutes of a free help session with any founder, on any topic you’re struggling with, in exchange for 30 minutes to answer some questions about your process and resources (or lack thereof) for getting your company from idea to growth.

The whole meeting would be over Zoom and would take 1 hour (30 min helping you, and 30 min you answering questions).

Ideally, you fit these requirements:

  • You have a technology product (hardware or software) with global reach and applicability. Local-type businesses, while wonderful, don’t qualify.
  • Ideally, you’re based in Colorado or are planning on moving your business headquarters here.
  • You’re somewhere between the I have an idea, should I quit my job stage and I have a rough prototype in market, but I’m doing less than $250K in revenue and I need a sh*tload of help stage.
  • This can be your first or third startup, I don’t care how many you’ve done in the past.

I’m trying to get out of my immediate peer circle to avoid some biases, hence the public post. If this fits you, or you know someone who meets this description, I’d love to talk! Reach out to me here.

PS. If the only reason you’re doing this is to pitch me to invest, please… don’t. I know it’s rough out there, I’m happy to commiserate with you and help you think through your strategy and options, but don’t show up hoping I’ll invest. It will be a waste of both of our times.

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