Back on my training schedule for the Danskin

Well, after 2 weeks of family being here, I’m finally getting back on my training schedule.  I did exercise during the hiatus, just not with ‘purpose’.

On Tues I went to REI in Denver to see Sally Edwards speak.  She’s won several Ironman Triathlons and helps athletes learn how to train better.  She asked how many in the room were already on a training schedule, so of course I raised my hand proudly.  Then she asked of those people, how many decide what they’re going to do based on the weather that day.  I more sheepishly raised my hand.  She informed us that we aren’t training!  Boooo……

So I’m on a new regimen now.  Yesterday, I started the workout with a sub-max test called the 2×4.  You warmup, for 5-10 minutes, then run as hard as you can maintain for 4 minutes, recover for 2 minutes, then run as hard as you can for another 4 minutes, each time measuring your heart rate at the end of the 4 minutes.  Averaging those two heart rates, then add 30 if you’re in excellent shape, and you get an estimate of your max heart rate.  Mine came to 196.  I’m going to do 6 or 7 more sub-max tests to best determine my max heart rate, then I can train more efficiently.

SO that being said, yesterday I did a submax test, then I lifted weights.  Today I swim a “steady state” workout.  Maintaining a relatively low heart rate on this one is the key, so I’m keeping it lower than 156 the whole time.  And I’ll swim for 45 minutes, continuously if I don’t get too damn bored.

One of these days I’ll put my schedule on a spreadsheet and publish it for you.  I’ve spent some time trying to come up with a good one, so I might as well share it.

Today’s triathalon workout – swim+run – or so I thought

My 4pm workout (moved from lunchtime due to a very long conference call) was supposed to be:

Swim – 3×10 minutes of continuous swimming with 60 seconds rest between sets. Trying to swim farther each set
Run – 20-30 minutes easy jog

Ahh, but when I showed up at the gym, I discovered the pool was closed do to an earlier diaper accident.  Thank you, I’d rather not be swimming around in someone else’s poo.  So I opted to lift today, and my workout was this:  (note, I do one set of each exercise, ALWAYS to failure regardless of how many reps it takes me, but I target around 20 reps)

15 min warmup on indoor springy track (first time on this thing, FUN! I RUN FAST!!!)
1 set Lat pulldowns, 1 set squats on the smith machine
4 fast laps around track
1 set dumbell press, 1 set leg extensions (on a sucky machine)
1 fast lap around track, 2 slow laps, 1 fast lap
1 set lateral raises, 1 set leg curls (another sucky machine)
4 slow joggy laps – my legs are a little jello-y at this point
1 set curls, 1 set thigh adductor
4 slow joggy laps
1 set tricep pulldowns, 1 set thigh abductor
1 lap on tippy toes, 2 slow laps, 1 lap HAULING ASS
calf raises, crunches, stretching

My legs right now are like jelly.  And I think I’ve injured my left hip since the indoor track is small and I was hauling around the corners.  So that one hip got way more workout than the other one.  Great.  A little overzealous.

Now I’m sitting here eating chips hoping my husband won’t come home and bust me for eating chips – DAMN he just pulled up… gotta run…