Today’s triathalon workout – swim+run – or so I thought

My 4pm workout (moved from lunchtime due to a very long conference call) was supposed to be:

Swim – 3×10 minutes of continuous swimming with 60 seconds rest between sets. Trying to swim farther each set
Run – 20-30 minutes easy jog

Ahh, but when I showed up at the gym, I discovered the pool was closed do to an earlier diaper accident.  Thank you, I’d rather not be swimming around in someone else’s poo.  So I opted to lift today, and my workout was this:  (note, I do one set of each exercise, ALWAYS to failure regardless of how many reps it takes me, but I target around 20 reps)

15 min warmup on indoor springy track (first time on this thing, FUN! I RUN FAST!!!)
1 set Lat pulldowns, 1 set squats on the smith machine
4 fast laps around track
1 set dumbell press, 1 set leg extensions (on a sucky machine)
1 fast lap around track, 2 slow laps, 1 fast lap
1 set lateral raises, 1 set leg curls (another sucky machine)
4 slow joggy laps – my legs are a little jello-y at this point
1 set curls, 1 set thigh adductor
4 slow joggy laps
1 set tricep pulldowns, 1 set thigh abductor
1 lap on tippy toes, 2 slow laps, 1 lap HAULING ASS
calf raises, crunches, stretching

My legs right now are like jelly.  And I think I’ve injured my left hip since the indoor track is small and I was hauling around the corners.  So that one hip got way more workout than the other one.  Great.  A little overzealous.

Now I’m sitting here eating chips hoping my husband won’t come home and bust me for eating chips – DAMN he just pulled up… gotta run…