Navigating Your Startup Board of Directors: The Meeting – Part 4 of 4

This is the final part in a series on getting the most out of your startup board of directors. If you haven’t already, please read Part 1: The Framework, Part 2: The People, and Part 3: The Board Package.

Special shoutout to my friend Ari Newman, Managing Partner at Massive who served as an editor, contributor, and sounding board for this series.

You’ve come so far, my friend!  You’ve got yourself in the right headspace about how your board is your not-so-secret weapon, you have the right people on your board, you’ve established a highly functional, productive, and trusting relationship with them, plus you’ve created a killer board package.  Now it’s time for… dum dum dummmmm, the meeting. In all honesty, once you’ve done the above things well, the meeting is the easy part.

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Navigating Your Startup Board of Directors: The Documents – Part 3 of 4

This is part 3 of a series around navigating your startup’s board of directors. It focuses on the board package, what documents and sections to include and how to organize it. If you haven’t yet done so, please read Part 1 – The Framework and Part 2 – The People.

Special shoutout to my friend Ari Newman, Managing Partner at Massive who served as an editor, contributor, and sounding board for this series.

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The next billion dollar idea – Placebutt (pronounced Pla-see-butt)

It’s a diet pill.  It’s a placebo.

Here’s the marketing angle.

Your diet pill doesn’t work anyway, it has those nasty side effects and is expensive!  Start taking Placebutt today – research shows that if you believe something will work – it DOES work!  So pop a Placebutt every morning while BELIEVING that the pizza you ate or dinner last night didn’t just stick to your thighs.  BELIEVE Placebutt will help you to lose weight, and it will!  Without those nasty side effects or a dent in your budget, Placebutt is the placebo for everyone.  And IT WORKS – but you have to believe…

We’ll make billions.  Now I need a partner.  Who’s with me?