Park your car at a consignment shop…

So my husband and I are off for a 3 month sabbatical to South America, and are having a difficult time deciding where to leave our cars for 3 months. We’ve got house sitters, so our driveway is out of the question. We want our cars periodically started to keep them alive, and maybe even somehow protected from the elements.  But we don’t know anyone with an extra 2 spaces in their garage, and the street in front of our house isn’t very long, prohibiting others (like our tenants!) from parking there.

Lu – “You should put your car for sale at one of those consignment shops, but put a high price tag on it.”

Me – Brilliant. So if it sells, then I’d be getting more than I would otherwise get for the car. FABULOUS. And if it doesn’t, well then someone has been washing it, keeping an eye on it and caring for it while I’m gone. For free.

Damn, why didn’t I think of that?

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