A personal problem

I’m having somewhat of an embarrassing problem, and for those that know me, I don’t embarrass easily.

I’m somewhat of an exercise addict.  I have tons of energy and get stressed out easily.  Exercise is the only thing that brings my energy and stress to manageable levels.  I feel better about myself, I obsess less, I’m less grouchy and irritable, and generally, a nicer person to be around.

I spend probably half my workout time in a spinning class, and the other half my workout time outside in some manner, running, hiking, or road biking.   When I’m outside, I obviously don’t have access to a mirror.  In my spin class, I usually sit so the mirror is next to me instead of in front of me – I have ZERO desire to see myself all sweaty and blotchy and frizzy.

ANYWAY, a while ago, I had to sit in a different seat in my spin class since the class was almost at capacity.  So there I am, in front of the mirror.  I ride hard that day, and at the end of the class, I sit up on my bike, stretch my hands over my head, and glance at myself in the mirror.  To my horror, I realize that MY NIPPLES HAVE SWEAT THROUGH MY SHIRT.  I have huge wet RINGS around my nipples, and it looks like I’m lactating!  I am not pregnant, I have no other shirt, and it is glaringly obvious.  All of a sudden I feel all eyes on me.  I know the whole class is staring at me, probably trying hard not to laugh.  I’m convinced the person next to me is suppressing a guffaw.  My face instantly goes red, I quickly dismount, grab my towel and water bottle, hold them in front of my wet boobs, and I leave.

Next day I’m in class again, and the same thing happens!  I sweat a lot, so my shirt is fairly wet, but my breasts are dry except for my wet nipples.  The HUGE wet spot around my nipples!  The next day I go for a run outside.  When I get home, same thing.  I’m sweating through a lined jog bra and a t-shirt. I am not exaggerating here.  I’m not imagining it either.

I’m so embarrassed.   I’m going to have to put maxipads over my boobs when I exercise.

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