If you can’t make a decision, you need better options

Yet another insightful Luism by my favorite strategist and dear friend, Lu Cordova.

She was releating a story about how she needed to hire a VP for her last company. She had narrowed it down to two options, but really couldn’t decide between them. She brought in a consultant, she had them interview with the board, she interviewed them again, she spent a day with each, she completed her extended due dilligence and she still couldn’t decide.

And that’s when it hit her – she couldn’t decide because both of them were wrong. So she scrapped her search and started over.

I find this is critical insight. Every single time I have found myself at a place where I can’t make a key decision – if I force a decision, it has WITHOUT FAIL ended up wrong. If I scrap the options and start from scratch – WITHOUT FAIL I have ended up behind schedule, but with more than I could have ever hoped for.

So remember that. Don’t relegate yourself to the options that are thrown at you. If you can’t decide, it’s because all your options are wrong and you’re looking in the wrong place.

Thank you Lu!

One thought on “If you can’t make a decision, you need better options

  1. this is good advice and I have to admit, I rarely have thought of this option. I just found your blog… so happy to have discovered it!


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