Why Hollywood is so great

I used to hate Hollywood. The boob jobs, botox, name dropping, $2K on a dress, plastic Hollywood is not my style. But my sister lives in LA and she gave me an interesting perspective on Hollywood once. She said Hollywood is the only place ON EARTH where the impossible is completely possible. Think about it for a moment. If you have a weird deviant fantasy about pubescent turtles, that talk, and are ninja masters nonetheless, and you can make a ton of money on that idea – what other industry in the world supports such insanity? Of course!!! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Why didn’t I think of that?!?!?

Anyway, I came across this video on YouTube. You’ll need about 10 minutes to see both the first video (which will explain the second video) and the second. But this is so weird that I’m truly entertained. Thank you Hollywood.

The original video:

The response:

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