Reinventing ourselves

I’m in a fun & scary place.  The last project I was working on was a victim of the October markets, and in an effort to cut costs, my position was eliminated.  This was actually a great thing, because I truly wasn’t happy there, but the timing SUCKED.  To add to our stress load – my husband is in the building trades, and unless your head has been in the sand, you know what’s going on there.  Most of the work he had coming up has evaporated.  So in our 2-necessary-income household, we’ve gone down to none.  Thankfully we have some savings, but not enough to last any respectable timeframe.

So we’re scrambling!  But as scary as this is, it’s a great opportunity to reinvent and redefine.  To really ask ourselves “What do we WANT to do?  What can bring us both emotional satisfaction and financial independence?”  They say fear is the greatest handicap, and I can’t imagine a better time to try to do all the things we’ve talked about doing for so long.  Thus into the abyss we leap – and I’ll take you on the journey with us.

The first thing I’m doing is putting together a list of both long term and short term goals.  The direction we (I) take will be based on the summary of those goals.  I’ll publish the goals as soon as I’m done!

Wish me luck…

2 thoughts on “Reinventing ourselves

  1. Thanks David! At CTEK, I loved what I did – and I haven’t since. Time to either get back into that space for find a new passion. No compromise!


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