A one year walk through China

Anyone that knows me, knows that I have wanderlust.  I think the longest I’ve ever stayed in the country without some serious walkabout is 3 years, and that was nearly devastating.

My friends at Everlater, Nate Abbott & Natty Zola just tweeted out about a guy that walked through China for a year.  Here’s a video on it.  Absolutely inspiring.  I’m wondering – think this is possible with an infant?


The Longest Way 1.0 – one year walk/beard grow time lapse from Christoph Rehage on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “A one year walk through China

  1. I guess it depends how concerned you are about access to doctors / hospitals?

    I do think that most people incorrectly believe that having kids automatically means a change in their travel lifestyle. Why not bring the kids along? Sure it won’t be as easy, but with lots of additional rewards (though of course, and infant isn’t going to benefit from the exposure to new places and cultures!)


    • Traveling with a kid is definitely in our stars. My folks traveled with me when I was young, and most of the kids that I’ve met that have traveled are more well-adjusted, grateful, and worldly than their non-traveling counterparts (all other things being equal of course). So I’m not afraid! The question becomes… where to first? 🙂


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