A weekend of helping non-profits

What are you doing this weekend?  From Friday, Feb 19-Sun, Feb 21st, SnapImpact is having a weekend-long retreat to “make doing good easy”.  SnapImpact is a local Boulder non-profit that has developed an iPhone application that shows volunteer opportunities near you.  The goal is to break down the barriers to volunteering and get people involved in their local community.

As luck would have it, SnapImpact has partnered with AllForGood.org (sponsored by Google and Craigslist) and  the data store that powers Serve.gov.  We’ve been tasked with improving their website and database,  and we’d ideally like to port the SnapImpact iPhone application to other devices.  We’re having a weekend-long retreat to get some of this stuff done with the help of the community.  So if you’ve got some time on your hands this weekend, come join us!  You can come for all or part of it,  all skills sets are welcome, and you’ll be spending your time with a family of volunteers that care about our community.  And just think – helping SnapImpact helps non-profits around the country.  Click here to learn more or to register!

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