Windows in Mexico

I’ve never had a bad experience on CraigsList.  Sure, I’ve had lots of people TRY to change that statistic for me, but it seems pretty obvious when someone is trying to scam me on CL.

But I love selling things on Craigslist.  I always meet the most interesting people.

My husband and I are finishing our basement, and we just swapped out the crappy alumnimum windows for the  slightly less-crappy home-depot-vinyl kind.  We had 4 aluminum windows to sell on Craigslist, and the guy that bought them was awesome.  He and his wife are building a house, in their driveway, on a truck, that they’re planning on transporting to Mexico.  They bought a little piece of land somewhere on the beach for next to nothing and are planning on dropping that house on it.  Saves them the headache from building in Mexico.  Anyway, it’s fun to think that those shitty windows will end up retiring in Mexico much sooner than I will.

So long windows – happy to hear you’re going from my dark, dusty, underground basement to a beachfront view in Mexico somewhere.  And I’m so happy I’m in some stupidly small way enabling that couple’s dream of Mexico!


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