Welcome Jackson

A much overdue post…
I’m thrilled to introduce you to Jackson, our new son.  He’s 8 weeks old already, but as you can imagine, working + new born + 22 month old daughter creates serious time constraints.

I keep getting asked how labor went.  So here you go (I promise to keep it rated G!).

I went into labor about 630am unsure if I was actually in labor.  I woke Mark up, took a shower, then decided, YUP, I’m in labor!

Mark rushed around the house trying to pack a bag for our daughter Aleka.  We were going to drop her off at daycare, unsure how/when we would get her.  I felt fine during this time, after all it was 22 hours of labor with Aleka, so I wasn’t in a big rush.  But knowing that I REALLY wanted an epidural before the pain was too intense, I tried to hurry us along.


We dropped Aleka off and made our way to the hospital.  We arrived around 8am, and I ‘ordered’ my epidural, knowing it would take the anesthesiologist some time to arrive.  Once I got settled into the hospital room, the labor pains started coming pretty fast and furious.  In between contractions I pretty much begged for an epidural, but they had to run some blood tests on me prior so it wasn’t an option yet.  Then all of a sudden, it was time to push, and at 8:49am, Jackson was born.  No time for the epidural, and it happened so fast I can honestly say that while the pain wasn’t LESS than before, it was shorter.  Only 49 minutes from hospital checkin to delivery.  Good thing we didn’t poke around the house or Mark would have delivered the baby in the car!

I was in the hospital 2 days.  Two miserable days.  I was sick and coughing, and let me just say that coughing uses the same muscles as labor.  Every cough was like labor pains all over again.  And I was wearing  a face mask so as not to get baby Jackson or the nurses sick.  Then I got pink-eye.  In BOTH eyes.  So I’m still bleeding from delivery, my eyes are secreting, my noise is running, I’m coughing… and I’m waking up every 2 hours to take a cocktail of pain killers, antibiotics, stool softeners…  And worse thing is that Mark would show up well rested (he went home at night to take care of our daughter).  The nurses were wonderful, probably because I looked so pathetic.  It wasn’t the most fun experience.

Ever since then it’s been a whirlwind.  Jackson is a joy.  I seriously can’t believe he’s ours, that we just had a baby, that I have 2 kids…  time accelerates as you get older.  Or maybe it’s just the sleep deprivation.


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