Fashion Fridays begin

I’m not a very fashionable girl. Never have been. I’d rather buy the latest gadget, or a new pair of skiis, then purchase an expensive purse or outfit. Unfortunately for me, that means I always usually look like crap because I don’t really care what I wear. And because I’ve basically spent the last 3.5 years of my life either pregnant or recovering from pregnancy, I have a closet full of clothes I don’t wear anymore.

Enter ClosetGroupie. It’s a startup that’s in my program this summer (TechStars! Woo hoo!). Founder Kelly James is a really smart, strong woman who’s convinced that there are hordes of women, like me, out there who don’t wear 80% of the clothes in their closets.

So in an effort to a) improve the way I look, b) support ClosetGroupie and c) get rid of stuff from my closet, I’m introducing “Fashion Fridays”. It’s the one day a week I’ll wear something from my closet that I haven’t worn in forever – the goal being to wear EVERYTHING in my closet (ball gowns included, only exception will be my wedding dress). I’m hoping you’ll help me get rid of stuff by telling me “that looks bad Nicole, get rid of it!”! If the consensus is I should get rid of it, I’ll sell it on ClosetGroupie.

So I’m asking you to join me! First of all, join in the Fashion Fridays fun. Wear something on Fridays that you haven’t worn in a really long time, and ask people if you should keep it or get rid of it. If you get rid of it, sell it on ClosetGroupie (and give Kelly some feedback in the process so she can improve her company). Also – just vote! Tell me if I should keep it or toss it.

Here’s week 1’s outfit! What do you think? Keep or toss? (looking for honesty here!)

Fashion Fridays #1


16 thoughts on “Fashion Fridays begin

  1. Love the idea! I've also got some stuff that I've bought and never wore or things that are cute but just won't fit me anymore. It'll be sad to just throw them away (which is why they're still in my closet). Cool to see that ClosetGroupie can help me deal with that, plus get me some cash back.
    As for the brave challenge you've posed on yourself – I'd lose the blue vest but keep the skirt and blouse 🙂


    • I'm hoping ClosetGroupie can help me with that problem too. I've got lots of stuff I just don't wear anymore (like the outfit in this photo).


  2. LOVE too! Here is my advice. I'd lose the vest. I would actually keep the puffy white shirt, but I would pair it with something different. Dark jeans is what I immediately go to with crisp white. I like the contrast. Do not do boot cut!! I would have to ponder over the skirt. I think on its own it has potential, but skirts are very hard, at least for me. You really MUST have the perfect tops to wear with them. So, unless you do have that perfect top, I'd toss the skirt too… or look for a new top on ClosetGroupie. 🙂


  3. Not enough information in the picture to make an intelligent observation. Would need to know fabric content and washing instructions – anything marked 'dry clean only' has to be of the very best quality else it isn't worth keeping.
    Looking strictly at the picture – looks like it all fits you – the blue thing might be fine under a jacket but looks silly worn over a shirt.


    • Ahh the sad thing is that it does actually fit. Before kids, it was HUGE on me, which is why I never wore it. I was kinda hoping it would be too big on me when I put it on this morning, but alas, it fits.


  4. I love this idea! I really like the skirt and blouse, but I'm not sure about the vest.

    I think we should have a party where we wear our old bridesmaid dresses, grab photos and post to Closet Groupie. I'd really like to feel like I got 2 wears out of at least one of those things.


  5. I love this! I've seen some things recently from bloggers who are trying to 'wear everything' in their wardrobe, and I really think I need to try something like this! I have sooooo many things I don't ever wear (and probably won't) and should probably just get honest about that already 🙂 Love this weekly feature!


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