Welcome to TechStars, Eugene Chung

I’ve been serving as Interim Managing Director for TechStars NYC since November-ish while we look for a permanent replacement there.  Well today, I’m thrilled to announce that after interviewing over 35 candidates, Eugene Chung from NEA has agreed to join us as the permanent Managing Director for TechStars in NYC.

We have a rule around TechStars, that when meeting candidates, the meetings would get better and better.  And with Eugene, he just continued to impress with each additional meeting.  His passion for the space is undeniable.  His insight into the market is envious.  His energy and enthusiasm are inexhaustible.  I’m extremely excited about the opportunity to work with him and learn from him.

I’ll still remain in NYC for this next program, working alongside Eugene as he gets up to speed on the TechStars way.  So those joining us for this next program will have TWO managing directors (plus David Cohen will be there for a month, and Brad Feld is spending a whole week with us as well).

But watch out NYC, he’s a hugger! (I’m from Boulder, we hug trees.  Eugene hugs founders.  It’s great)

Welcome Eugene!

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