My favorite give first startup this month…

I’ve been working with a startup called – its a site to help crowdfund the prenatal care of mamas in third world countries.  Those mamas are at astronomically high risk rates of death in pregnancy or childbirth, but that risk is radically reduced by simple prenatal care.  Care that costs less than $250.  Because I’m a mom of two, I cannot fathom losing my baby or losing my life in the process.  It’s something I’m clearly passionate about.  And the founder is an amazing entrepreneur out of  She’s working her butt off to save lives of babies and mamas around the world, and I applaud her efforts.

Recently, Brad & Amy Feld donated $1K to in my name because I spent 2 hours out of a morning to help them with a small conference.  Because I took 2 hours out of my day, Amy & Brad made a huge impact at and specifically for this mama, Aspara.  Its another example how a little giving first ends up impacting the community an order of magnitude more.  So thank you Amy & Brad, thank you

Kangu Aspara

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