Techstars Boulder 2014 ALS Icebucket Challenge to Techstars Austin

Dear Techstars Austin Class of 2014.  Consider yourselves challenged.  That means you have 24 hours to either meet the challenge, or donate to ALS.  In fact, you should just donate anyway. Jason Seats, Brewbot, Burpy, Cloud66, Common Form, Experiment Engine, Fashion Metric, Free Textbooks , LawnStarter, NMRKT, Pivot Freight, & Smart Host!

With Love,

Techstars Boulder 2014

2 thoughts on “Techstars Boulder 2014 ALS Icebucket Challenge to Techstars Austin

  1. As my dear cousin, Nicole Glaros knows by now, my husband Aaron Frutman has been shooting a ‘labor of love’ documentary with Pete Frates for almost two years now. Diagnosed with ALS, Pete decided to spend the rest of his life raising awareness and money to find a cure. His network of friends are what spiraled the Ice Bucket Challenge from a small internet fundraiser to the unprecedented international phenomena that it has become. It’s success was a surprise to say the least. Please watch this 7 minute video that they put together for ESPN that tells a bit about Pete’s story. And PLEASE know that Pete is home watching your videos and is HAPPY, so so happy. YOU have helped this man realize his life’s work and create a legacy greater than he ever imagined possible.


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