Free Event Series: Feb 2nd – Finding Funding with David Cohen

David Cohen is at the heart of funding technology startups.  Since 2007 when he founded Techstars, he’s coached hundreds of early stage companies on finding funding, and he just helped raise a $150M fund to keep investing for years to come.  There are some practical, easy-to-implement techniques to help you, the entrepreneur, close your round, and David is here to share them Tuesday, 2/2 @4:30pm.

RSVP for David’s talk, and check out our free event series we call 8 Weeks of Awesome.  Each week we have a speaker or an event designed to help entrepreneurs tackle the hardest problems they face.  It’s a taste of the kind of mentorship and guidance companies get as Techstars participants.  Applications for Techstars Boulder are open until March 15th, but it’s better to apply early!  

We hope to see you and your Techstars application soon!  Whether you can join us or not, you can apply HERE.

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