A perfect summer weekend in Boulder, CO

I moved to Boulder in January of 2000, so I was recently asked by a founder, who was interested in moving to Boulder, what should they do and see while here to get a feeling for the town.

I came up with this list.  If you have other suggestions for how to spend a perfect weekend in Boulder, let’s hear them!

  • Hike Sanitas,  it’s a classic. Hike up the western side trail for a great workout.  Come down either the valley trail or the dakota ridge (east) side.
  • Any hike in Chautauqua is a winner, but hiking the 1st and 2nd Flatiron will give you views of the continental divide.
  • Go have a picnic lunch on the lawn at Chautauqua. If there’s a show, see it! Or just hang on the lawn and listen from afar.
  • Have tea at the Dushanbe tea house, even if tea isn’t your thing.
  • Go rent a tube and float down the Boulder Creek Path (don’t do this if the water is raging!)
  • Or rent a city bike and bike down the Boulder Creek Path.
  • Rent a mountain bike and check out the Valmont bike park.
  • Check out the Farmers Market on Saturday from 8am-2pm.
  • Have breakfast at Lucile’s (order the biegnets) and Snooze.
  • Have a margarita (or two) on the rooftop deck at The Rio, but DO NOT have 3. You will not be able to walk out of there. Skip the food.
  • Have a sunset drink at The Flagstaff House, the views are spectacular.
  • Eat at Pizzeria Locale, T*aco, Oak, and Frasca. Frasca is spendy but worth it!
  • Rent a standup paddleboard at the Boulder Reservoir. Or better yet, turn that rental into standup paddleboard yoga.
  • Drive out to Red Rocks in Morrison, and hike around. Or go see a show there this weekend.

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