I don’t know you but, hey, nice butt…

So many of you know I’ve been running around throwing a business idea I have against a wall to see if it will stick.  Well, Monday I had the pleasure of meeting this fabulous Boulder woman named Kim who listened diligently to my tale, provided me some great insight, and promised an introduction to a person that could be key for what I want to do.

Today, I was at the gym and ran into Kim again.  It always makes me wonder how many times you circle around someone before you actually meet him/her.  Anyway, we had a nice little chat in between bench press sets and wished each other well.  When I was finished with my workout, I headed off to the showers to keep my poor officemate Andy from hating my presence.

So there I am, in the shower, naked save my hot pink flip flops to keep the public-shower-feet-nasties away.  And in she walks.

So what exactly do you say in this situation?  I’ve had 1.2 conversations with Kim.  She seems nice enough, but now she’s seen parts of my body that my mother hasn’t even seen recently.  There must be some clever one-liner to spout out at this opportune moment to ease the tension.  Suggestions?

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