Language on a construction site

Warning – this posting is R rated.

As I sit here and drink wine with my husband and his best friend, both home builders on construction sites all day long, it has been brought to my attention why they guys on a construction site talk the way they talk.

Look at the kind of words that they deal with on a minute by minute basis:

Dike (wire cutters)
Upskirt (a long stick with a mirror on the end of it so the guys can see in hard to reach places)
“fill the crack/seam with caulk”
“your caulk is dripping”
“Suck it in” (talking about pulling 2 boards close together)
“Oil the wood, then caulk it” – self explanatory
“Drive it deeper” (referring to nails, screws)
“Do you want the top or bottom?”  (trying to figure out who goes up the ladder and who stays on the ground)
“Blow the tools” (they use compressed air to blow the saw dust off the tools)
So of COURSE men on a construction site hoot and holler at women when the walk by!

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