Eckhart Tolle – So I’m not responsible? Cmon!

I just finished up the Pain-Body chapter in the book.

Let me give a quick disclaimer that while we all have pain bodies as Eckhart describes it, I think mine is pretty small.  I truly had a happy childhood and live a blessed life.   So maybe I’m not coming from a place of authority on this comment.  But in the book Eckart ventures to say that sometimes when you’re acting out, it’s not you that’s  acting out, but your pain-body.

I whole-heartedly and emphatically disagree with that statement.  

One thing I’ve always believed is that we are responsible for ourselves and what happens to us.  Even if you’ve had a crappy childhood, or you have emotional issues.  We are adults, not children.  We do have a say in our actions and reactions.  You are responsible for the words that come out of your mouth, always, no exceptions.  None.  We’ve all made mistakes and said things we regret, but you learn to deal with consequences and take actions to prevent it from happening again.  You can’t go around blaming your pain-body.

Eckhart, you had me up to this point.  You’ve given people a get-out-of-jail-free card.  Now I’ve got to spend some time recovering from that one comment.

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