My biological clock

I’m 33.  I always wanted kids.  I’ve worked with kids of all ages, and have always believed I’d have a family.  My husband is R-E-A-D-Y to have a family, like 3 years ago.  But for some stupid reason, I’m not.

I always thought the ‘biological clock’ was this feeling you’d get when you look at kids, a nurturing, wanting, sweet feeling.  Like – awwww, so cute!  I want one of those!!!

Not for me.  The biological clock is more like a time bomb that has backed me into a $%#!! corner and is screaming in my face – if you EVER want to do this, you better do it NOW or you’ll never do it!

Who knew?

I would give a lot for an extra 10 years here.  I’m not done growing up.  I want to play, I like having money to travel and go out and have freedom and live my life and exercise and do whatever-the-hell-i-want-whenever-i-want.  I’m NOT READY.  But like it or not, my husband and I made an agreement that by June, we’d ‘pull the goalie’.  June is in 2 months.  Wonder if it’s a coincidence that I’ve planned my triathlon for the end of June?

So, I’m looking forward to having kids.  Just not looking forward to losing a part of my life that I really enjoy.

4 thoughts on “My biological clock

  1. hey nicole! I know exactly how you feel! even after our 21000km bike journey through the Americas, I feel like there’s so much more for me to explore and to achieve!

    I’m turning 32 this year and we decided that the latest by 33 we’ll start trying. So, that gives me the time of 1 1/4years to fart around.. which I have chosen to use wisely. I have already signed up for Ironman Louisville this year and if this one should not work out Ironman Zurich 09 is on the agenda!

    good luck with the training!



  2. Nicole, I found your blog through Colorado Startups and can’t wait to meet you in person someday! You nailed the whole “biological clock” issue I’m dealing with as well. I went from believing that I didn’t want kids in my twenties to my body yelling at me to get on it now at 32. Phew. What with the pressure from my ovaries and my mother, I can only envision the fun I’ll be enduring as I continue down this path.


  3. Tara, That’s the kicker for me… my body’s not screaming at me! It’s like this thing LOOMING out there that I have to deal with. Now. Sometimes I love being female. Othertimes not so much.


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