A garage sale with a cause

My neighborhood has a 2ce annual garage sale every year.  I wasn’t big on garage sales until I had one, really it was hilarious watching people wade through my crap and actually buy it from me.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Then I became a big fan of garage sales when I had a kid – she got an entire wardrobe with tags still on it for under $5.  I hate paying for something thats only going to be used once or twice before discarded.

Anyway, this year one of our neighbors discovered, in a routine doctor’s visit, he had an extremely rare kind of leukemia (10 cases annually).  The entire neighborhood got together donated the proceeds of their collective garage sales to the family.

I had fun shopping for Aleka at this year’s garage sale.  Everyone was rounding up.  By a lot.  I overheard one transaction where the woman rounded up $45.  Her bill was $5 and she just handed over $50.

I’m thrilled to be living amongst people who are caring enough to make this kind of effort and give freely to help this family.  It reminds me that it doesn’t just take a village to raise a child, but it takes a village to care for eachother all the way through old age.  It’s a reminder how important community is.  If you didn’t get to the garage sale but still want to help – send an email to helpingthewrights at yahoo dot com.

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