Read my chapter in “Do More Faster”

Do More Faster BookI’ve been working with entrepreneurs for nearly a decade now – and most recently through my role as Managing Director for the Boulder office of TechStars.  Its a role I love dearly – there hasn’t been a day since I started that I didn’t want to go in to the office.

TechStars has a mantra – Do More Faster.  I think of it as focusing in on what matters, and eliminating or finding other ways to accomplish everything else.  Its why you shouldn’t confuse busyness with productivity.

In the spirit of Doing More, Faster – Brad Feld & David Cohen (founders of TechStars) have come out with a crowdsourced book of shorts heard frequently around the TechStars program.  The book is entitled – wait for it – Do More Faster, TechStars Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup.  Each chapter is only a few pages long, focusing in on what really matters, written by mentors and entrepreneurs.  Most of it is around lessons learned and advice on how not to screw it up.  🙂  I have a chapter entitled If you want advice, ask for money.  If you want money, ask for advice. It’s the first time since college that I’ve been officially published.  Woo hooo!

The book is available for presale now at Amazon.  It would be a great gift to the entrepreneur in your life – so make sure you order it today!  Yes, yes, I’ll even autograph it for you.  (All of a sudden Flight of the Concords comes to mind…)

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