The Startup Playbook

At Techstars, through our accelerator programs, we work with close to 400 companies a year across 5 continents.  Through Startup Weekend and Startup Week, – the numbers are in the thousands of companies.  But yet we can’t help them all.

However when two of our mentors told me they were writing a book on the topic, I got excited – because content does scale.  Every company could be helped by their book.

The book is The Startup Playbook, and the two mentors are Rajat Bhargava and Will Herman.  Between the two of them, they’ve run almost 15 companies, with 6 exits, 2 IPOs, dozens of investments – they’ve seen close to ‘it all’.

They’ve tried to encapsulate their learnings into a book that starts from even before the seed of an idea. It starts by asking the question of whether a startup is right for you. Then, it drops into building out an idea, assembling a team, raising money, and the on-going execution.

It’s a refreshing book that sides with entrepreneurs and shares that perspective. If you are a founder or on a startup team, I highly recommend you grab a copy*. You might walk away with some new insights that will change the trajectory of your business.  On sale this week only for $.99 at Amazon!

*Disclaimer for the cynics out there: I do not get affiliate sales from this – I just think Raj & Will’s book is THAT GOOD.

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