The next billion dollar idea – Placebutt (pronounced Pla-see-butt)

It’s a diet pill.  It’s a placebo.

Here’s the marketing angle.

Your diet pill doesn’t work anyway, it has those nasty side effects and is expensive!  Start taking Placebutt today – research shows that if you believe something will work – it DOES work!  So pop a Placebutt every morning while BELIEVING that the pizza you ate or dinner last night didn’t just stick to your thighs.  BELIEVE Placebutt will help you to lose weight, and it will!  Without those nasty side effects or a dent in your budget, Placebutt is the placebo for everyone.  And IT WORKS – but you have to believe…

We’ll make billions.  Now I need a partner.  Who’s with me?

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